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Terms of Use

We do our very best to ensure the accuracy of information, however all the data on is collected by you or others so we have no influence on the accuracy or reliablity of the data. We can not be held liable for how you use MAProgress or for the information and/or data you may acquire from it.

Viewing of routes, adventures, rivers etc. will always be free on MAProgress. In the future, we may add advertising and/or chargeable premium services to ensure website viability. Embedding MAProgress maps on your own website is also free of charge, we will never add advertising to embedded maps.

MAProgress is intended to help you and others get out there, you are welcome to share your own website or others to achieve this. Please do not use for spamming and keep your content relevant, civil, and inoffensive, any content not meeting these standards may be removed and/or the user membership revoked. is open to anyone for personal usage. Commercial use is available but only after approval by us and/or through trusted MAProgress partners.


MAProgress will never share your name, email, or any other personal information unless you specifically request us to.

Please contact us at if you would like us to delete your data. In some instances (such as if you're part of a large event) we may not be able to delete your data, but we can encrypt it to remove any identifying information from our servers.

Your locations and personal information are always transmitted over a secure encrypted internet connection.

We use Google Analytics to collect statistical information on website usage, the data collected is at a summary level which we use to help improve MAProgress.

We do our very best to ensure your event or adventure runs successfully, generally problems are due to human error (such as not turning the device on, not engaging tracking mode, or burying the tracker under something else). The MAProgress website is hosted on Microsoft Azure, with a guaranteed 99.95% uptime, but even then sometimes things beyond our control can impact the viewing of a map. We want you to relax, knowing we have it under control, if there is a problem which impacts your event or adventure, and it's not due to human error on your part, we promise a full refund of whatever you have paid us for this service.