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Multiple Device Support

You can use SPOT or inReach satellite trackers, or use the ViewRanger BuddyBeacon app on your smartphone, we're even developing our own app so you'll be able to add custom messages and photos to your map too. There is no limit to the number of devices you can use on an adventure or in a event, pick and choose how you like or even lend it to another user for however long you choose

Multiple Map Providers

You can choose from Google, Google Earth, Bing, Nokia, or OpenStreetMap then flip seamlessly between one and another

Real-time tracking

You'll see others talk about live tracking then see a button showing "Refresh now / refresh every 3 minutes". We use totally different technology, instead of asking "Is there anything new?", we send updates to your browser the second we get it on our server, it's difficult but it makes a big difference


The most advanced event tracking system you've ever seen! Want to only see only the competitors in your friend's division but want to have Sue and Barney highlighted, what about where Jim's been, and all the marker history for Sarah? You can do this and a whole lot more. Compare your time, elevation, ascent, gradient, speed, moving and stopped times etc. to others, and cut and group it just how you need. See how you've done between each time split, switch it to 3D and spin the map around. Have multiple courses on the same map. Show the juniors in smaller markers, the women in pink, the guys in orange, you choose. There's a whole lot more to come too...


Combine your spot with others on the same map, so you can see where everyone is right now and watch them move about in front of you


Import your own route from a kml, gpx, or tcx file, or use one that's already been created. Customise the route how you like, we'll extract the icons, line colours etc. out of the file, calculate distances, elevation profiles, so you can see the time splits as you travel along


Add your planned start and finish as well as your real-time tracking. Show daily statistics of your time distance and speed, add arrows along your path so people can see which way you're going, and lots more...

Customizable Maps

You choose how you want your adventure to look: select line color, map marker icons and density, overnight stays, topo maps, photos, what appears in the marker info. box, statistics etc. The options are endless

Editable Locations

Has your device failed you? you stopped at Subway but ended in Timbuktu? no problem, you have full control over every spot you've added, change it how you like, or click on a map and create new ones entirely

Your Own Website

When you register at MAProgress you instantly get an easy to remember website link ( so your friends and family can follow you

User friendly URLs

Website links are human readable so you, Google and others can easily see where you are e.g.

Hidden Areas

You can mark areas as hidden to keep your home, work etc. private. Any spot added will automatically get marked hidden and won't display on your adventure's map


We have data on river centre-lines and elevations for the whole world with extra detail for North America, Europe, and New Zealand. Go to the rivers page to calculate the river gradient before you embark on your first descent in the back country


All spot and personal data is encrypted and sent only over a secure (SSL) connection.


Data matters to us, so we back up your data off-site every night to ensure you don't lose any of your valuable history