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MAProgress Short-term / Monthly Satellite Subscriptions

Don't have your Spot on an annual service plan or prefer just a short-term connection? MAProgress provides Spot Satellite Subscriptions for short-term or monthly usage.

All service plans transmit to a MAProgress map in real-time.

SOS messages can be sent to your contacts, however we recommend monitoring by GEOS (unless you have an administrator monitor this for you - i.e. event organiser or office staff).


Connection fee$23.00 USDApplies to all new connections
Service Plan
Basic$21.00 USD Tracking every 10-minutes, must be reset every 24 hours. Good option for the budget conciouos who turn their tracker off at night. Not available for Spot Trace per month (pro rata except for Spot Gen 1)
Unlimited$27.00 USD Continuous Tracking every 5-minutes (or every 10-minutes, 30-minutes, or 60-minutes). Set and forget, recommended tracking option for most uses. Spot Trace and Gen 3 only per month (pro rata)
Extreme$39.00 USD Continuous Tracking every 2.5-minutes, best for short popular events due to battery usage. Spot Trace and Gen 3 only per month (pro rata)
Messages Only$16.00 USD Messaging only, No tracking or GEOS SOS monitoring. Spot Gen 1 & 2 only per month
SOS Monitoring
GEOS$4.00 USDper calendar month

For example, connecting a Spot on just for the weekend would be:

Connection fee $23.00 USD
Pro rata monthly fee $2.80 USD = 4 days divided by 30 days in month times monthly fee of $21.00 USD
Total $25.80 USD (one-off payment)

(Friday to Monday, Basic tracking, no GEOS)

Please note: We don't currently support Spot Connect or Spot X models

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