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About Us


The idea for MAProgress came when Jane was walking solo on New Zealand's Te Araroa trail, we had bought a SPOT tracker specifically for the tramp (Kiwi term for hike).

The SPOT tracker meant our family, friends and Jane's old work colleagues (Jane effectively quit her job and "went bush") could keep track of her progress. It also enabled Shane to meet up with her to provide additional supplies, and clean underwear etc. Many friends were nearly glued to the computer screen watching to see where Jane was and how she was going, it was like watching a live sporting event.

However, we also found some frustrations with it too, we wanted more! SPOT's tracking page only kept a week's history so we started using SpotWalla which was a big improvement but we still wanted more. There was little opportunity to customise the maps, we wanted to see the Topographical information, and also to see not just where Jane had been but also where she was going. We wanted to be able to view the map easier on a smart phone and to see how far Jane was from Shane's actual location.

Shane is also a web developer and could imagine what could be created and how others would also benefit from it

About Us

We are passionate about outdoor adventure, our intention is to "save the world" by helping and encouring others to get out there and share their own events and adventures too.

We're also addicted to maps, we love planning a new adventure by looking up guides, and plotting our intended route.

We hope you get as much enjoyment from MAProgress as we have creating it. This is an ongoing project, you can expect many changes and new features to improve it in the months and years to come.

MAProgress is available worldwide, but is a 100% New Zealand owned business.