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Help on Routes


Defining routes

Routes are paths and places you might want to go. The name and URL is specific to a country; you can't have two routes with the same name or URL in the same country.

A route could be just a single path (a line on a map), or even just one place (a marker on the map). However, MAProgress allows you to create routes which combine a number of other routes and/or places, you can specify the colour of each line to distinguish between different parts of the route and/or add places along the way.

For each route we store the distance along and the elevation at each point, which enables us to display elevation profiles and calculate where you are along the route on your adventure.

Currently the only way to create a route is by uploading it from a KML, GPX, or TCX file, we recommend the KML option as it gives you the flexibility to specify different line styles for each route section and specific icons for each place, this can really enhance your map.

When you upload a route we look for an exiting route with the same name and create a new version if one already exists, if not we create a new one. MAProgress actually records the history of each change, previous versions are never deleted or changed, a new one is created which takes it's place but you can go back to the previous one (or at least you will be able to in the future).