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Live Australia flag Destination Outback 2022
Live Kyrgyzstan flag Silk Road Mountain Race 2022 The Silk Road Mountain Race is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage cycling race through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.
Coming up
Australia flag Sink or Survive 2022
Australia flag Gold Rush 500 2022 Register Gold Rush 500- 500km Self Supported gravel surface Bike Packing ride.
Australia flag 2022 Terra Australis 6250k. A bikepacking solo unsupported race against the clock from Cape York the northern most point in Australia to Wilsons Promotory the sourthern most mainland point.
Australia flag Race from the Rocks 2022 Register Race From The Rocks is a solo, unsupported bike race from Sydney to Adelaide
United States flag North Star Bicycle Race 2022 Register An unsupported 629.4 mile out & back attack done in the self-supported one stage style on USBR #41 aka North Star Bicycle Route.
Australia flag Gangsters Ultra 2022 Register Do you want to roll with the Gangsters? The Gangsters Ultra ride is a 350km loop with the choice of completing 1 or 2 laps. This is an open event for anyone to participate.
Australia flag Karnu Rally 2022 Register
New Zealand flag Renegades Muster 2022 Register Bikepacking event in the Taranaki region starting and finishing in Whanganui
Australia flag Mallee Blast 2022 Register Mallee Blast 1000 or 500km
New Zealand flag KĊpiko Aotearoa 2023 Register
New Zealand flag Tour Aotearoa 2023 Register
New Zealand flag Sounds 2 Sounds 2023 Register
Australia flag Tour Gondwana 2023 Register
United Kingdom flag Great British Divide 2022
United States flag Mishigami Bicycle Challenge 2022
Australia flag 4 Peaks Ultra 2022
United States flag Crazy Mountain 100 - 2022
United States flag Ouray 100 - 2022
United Kingdom flag Pan Celtic Race 2022 Following the very best and off-beat cycling routes each nation has to offer, the race places emphasis on cultural identity and historic locations unique to Celtic heritage.
New Zealand flag Tour Aotearoa 2020 3,000 km, 10-30 days from Cape Reinga to Bluff, interrupted by COVID-19, current riders are completing their 2020 ride
Australia flag Indian Pacific Wheel Race 2017 Solo - Unsupported - Sealed - One Stage 5,500 km Road Cycle Race from Freemantle to Sydney Opera House